Inline Soldering System Vario


Inline-soldering system Vario
ATN Lightbeam Spot The soldering system LightBeam operates with IR-light focussed by convergence mirrors and optics. The heat radiation generated in this way produces the temperature required at the Soldering Point. The energy can be regulated very exactly. Thus the light soldering is suitable in particular for the selective reflow-soldering.
Laser Induction    
Laser Induction   To meet the most different requirements ATN offers beyond that further soldering procedures: Contacts mounted into plastic casings are frequently soldered with the automated soldering iron and solder wire feeder. The micro flame and the induction brazing are two contactless soldering procedures offered by ATN, which are suitable for warming up of solid components. Miniaturised applications are realised with the beam of a high-power diode laser.
Iron Flame  
Iron Flame  

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For automated optical inspektion (AOI) we cooperate with our partner pi4_robotics.
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