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Tischlötroboter Economic

- 3-axes robot with PC-control
- programming system WinControl
- 3 variants with moving range up to 395x300x140mm
- closed area for the soldering process
- soldering system LightBeam or other tools


Data Sheet (0.17 MB, PDF)


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The triple-axes robot - which is available in 3 versions, A200, A300 and A400- positions the soldering system above the sol-dering joint. The programming system Win-Control is the link to the user. Different positions for every sol-der joint can be controlled manu-ally by mouse or keyboard, or optionally by a joystick. All functions of the soldering process can be visualised and controlled via dialog boxes. The solder joint of the current application is managed using the programming editor. Coordinate plotting is done either by interactive teaching, direct input by keyboard, or by reading external data files. The parame-ters for the soldering process, such as light power, speed of solder wire feed, heating time, and timing of solder supply, can be adjusted individually for every solder joint of the application
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