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Soldering Iron

- 80W soldering iron with digital control
- temperature monitoring
- solder feeder Mosquito A25
- automatic cleaning of soldering iron

Soldering Iron

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On soldering with hot iron the soldering iron is put to the solder joint by the pneumatic stroke. When the joint is warmed up to the soldering temperature the solder wire is fed by the automatic feeder. Subsequently, the solder feeder is moved back. The solder tip stays at the joint for a short time, so that the solder wets the whole joint and a meniscus can be formed.
Depending on the geometric tolerances at the solder joint, to feed the solder wire in two steps can be advantageously. After a very short preheating time the solder wire is fed. Then it melts at the solder tip and flows to the solder joint. Thus, the surface is increased and the heat conduction is improved.

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