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LightBeam soldering for cell contacts

IR line emitters

With the LightBeam line emitters ATN offers a wide range of optical systems for contactless heating. The halogen lamp emits light of wavelengths from 500 to 1500nm, using a convergence mirror to focuss the IR-light. The process time and the emitter power can be set at the menu-driven display in a very convenient way. A ramp function allows the use of temperature profiles. Beam power and process time will be controlled electronically and can be infinitely variable adjusted.
The new LightBeam emitters of ATN allow stress-freesoldering even for the thinnest cells.

Manual stringer

For smaller series the manual stringer machine is a reasonable alternative to the fully automated systems. The operator places the cells and connectors into a soldering frame and fastens the downholder. Thereafter the operator puts the complete string step by step through the soldering station.
To change the cell types only the soldering frame has to be changed. So the production wins a higher flexibility.

Data Sheet

ATN-Solar (0.83 MB, PDF) LightBeam Line (0.43 MB, PDF) Stringer (0.36 MB, PDF)


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