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Inline-soldering system Vario

- 3-axes robot with PC-control
- extendable up to 6 axes
- modular conception with flexible moving ranges
- programming system WinControl
- soldering system LightBeam

ATN Roboterlötstation Vario

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The base cell VARIO is basic module of a standardised unit construction system. Up to 4 automatic stations can be integrated in one machine. According to the customer specific application these stations are configured from
- 15 different tools and
- 8 axis systems with 3 speed ranges in each case.
The modular structure permits different variants of part supply e.g. inline conveyors, change cartridges or a rotary indexing table. This modular system offers a set of advantages:
- application of the optimal procedure
- use of established standard components
- uniform control concept
- flexibility concerning extension/adjustment to new products

and thus:

- high process security and availability
- minimale costs and
- high investment security references:

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