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- contactless heating up of the solder joint
- high power density
- 2.6 kW HF inductor with water cooling
- optionally with solder feeder Mosquito A25


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At a multiplicity of applications there are joints, which must be soldered individually: Cables, plugs, special construction components and modules with only a few solder joints. A further application is the use of special elements, e.g. plugs and pinthroughhole on SMD-Boards. Often single point soldering is required because of assembling, e.g. if a completely equipped PCB is inserted into a housing and has to be connected with plugs or other components by soldering. Automation of these single point soldering processes does not only afford a cost-efficient mass production, it is also demanded to obtain a constant high quality. Thus, it cannot be done without automated single point soldering in the modern electronics manufacturing.
For induction soldering a secondary spool, the soldering inductor, is connected with a high-frequency generator. The alternating current flow in the inductor induces a magnetic field. Eddy currents in the soldering joint caused by that magnetic field effect the heating up to the soldering temperature. In order to avoid a warming up of the inductor, cooling water is pumped through the hollow spool wire. Induction soldering makes a large energy transfer possible. A further advantage of this procedure is the low expense for maintenance.
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