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ATN soldering tools optimized for UR5/UR10 from Universal Robot

The ATN soldering tools are developed for easy integration into automated systems. For the robot from Universal Robots UR5 / UR10 there are appropriate adapter, software and descriptions. Thus, the automated soldering is easy.

The Light Beam from ATN can be used with the robots
UR5 / UR10 from Universal Robots for numerous applications.
Selective reflow soldering, selective heating,
melting of disturbing ridge of plastic injection parts, ...
The soldering parameters are entered in the Light Beam
About digital IOs the appropriate parameter set is selected
and started the soldering process.

The soldering tool LK4 from ATN is adapted for the robot
UR5 / UR10 from Universal Robots.
The 150W ERSA icon tool has the capacity for larger solder joints
(Optional are hot-iron tools from Weller and JBC available).
The solder tip cleaning with low-maintenance brushes is important for
consistent quality, besides. The precise solder wire feeder Mosquito A25
provides reliable and reproducible solder joints
by a constant solder wire feed rate.

The Induction soldering tool ILK15 from ATN is optimized for
solder joints that must be pressed during soldering,
e.g. the interconnection of solar modules.
The induction soldering system ILK15 consists of
soldering head (with adapter for UR), the HF generator,
controller and water cooling.
Data Sheet:

LightBeam f. UR (0.19 MB, PDF)
HotIron f. UR (0.25 MB, PDF)
Induction f. UR (0.30 MB, PDF)


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